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Chiropractor Metuchen NJ Kevin Holton


Kevin Holton, D.C.

Kevin Holton, D.C., brings more than 25 years of experience to his leadership role at The Holton Center for Integrative Healthcare. He is honored to have played a role in improving the lives of hundreds of patients from in and around Metuchen, NJ. 

Dr. Holton, D.C., completed his chiropractic training in 1980 at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls. Since then, he has sought out opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills. As technological advancements have enhanced chiropractic care, Dr. Holton, D.C., has stayed up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques.

A Metuchen-Edison native, Dr. Holton, has deep roots in the community. His professional background includes developing and overseeing practices in Florida and New Jersey, but he chose to return to Metuchen more than 15 years ago when he opened his current practice. Dr. Holton, D.C., is a firm believer in the power of integrative, holistic chiropractic care. He also places the diagnostic process at the center of his practice, taking the time to determine the root cause of symptoms before crafting a customized treatment plan. A strong understanding of the way the human body functions and how structures and systems are interconnected is a foundational part of chiropractic care.

Dr. Holton has built a thriving practice based on his unrushed manner and dedication to creating lasting solutions that transform lives. To learn more about Dr. Holton and his approach to chiropractic care, schedule a time to come in and meet him and his team. Online scheduling makes it easy to find a convenient appointment time and visits can also be booked over the phone.

Chiropractic Metuchen NJ Heerina Patel

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Heerina Patel, DNP, AGNP-BC

Heerina Patel, DNP, APN is a doctorally prepared Nurse Practitioner trained in regenerative medicine. She completed her Bachelor's degree of Science in Nursing at Seton Hall University and worked as a Registered Nurse in various outpatient settings including med-surg, cardiology, and GI services post-graduation.

She then pursued her career further where she attended the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Maryville University with a focus on adult and geriatric health.

Heerina is known to be an avid world traveler and during her free time, you’ll find her catching a flight to the next destination. She also enjoys fishing, hiking, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog.

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