“I am a famous runner diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. This injury usually takes over a year for long distance runners to heal, maybe longer. Dr. Holton was able to cure me in seven months, with the ultrasound and pads. I healed quickly. If I didn’t have Dr. Holton in my life helping me through all my aches and pain I wouldn’t be the runner that I am. Dr. Holton is my hero. He is a miracle worker. I am very lucky I met him at the town fair many years ago. [I am] glad that he is always here to help me.” –Kathy R.

“This place is awesome! I have been coming here for a few months and it is a BIG difference in my everyday life. I have much more movability, and hardly any pain in lower back. Sleeping is great again, [I am] waking up without rolling out of bed. LIFE IS GREAT ONCE AGAIN! Thanks to you guys, making my life better a few visits at a time.” – Ed H.

“I came to Dr. Holton’s office after a car accident. I was banged around and sore all over. After a few months of therapy I actually feel better and looser. I have more movement (which hurt prior to the accident). The adjustments made to my back have made me feel younger.” –Elliot K.

“From the start, Dr. Holton has treated me in a manner that brings me back not only to help with the pain but because he is thorough and proficient. He creates a calm environment that helps me to relax.” –Peter D.

“The best part of my therapy sessions include the staff. Becky has a great smile. Sabrina and Jen are so efficient and Dr. Holton is very effective. The doctors treat the whole person, body and mind. I can honestly say that, while it took time, the treatment and care I received was unbelievable and I would highly recommend this facility to everyone.” –Patty S.

“Three years ago, I couldn’t walk without a cane! Today I have no problems. Dr. Holton keeps me cane free!” -Bruce B.

“I had trouble with driving. I couldn’t turn my head enough to see side traffic. This has been resolved. I enjoy hand crafts. It was difficult to sew, crochet, and knit due to neck discomfort. I no longer need to lie down to apply eye drops. I have no problems now. I sleep better because I have less neck and upper back pain. I find the staff friendly and helpful. The doctors are understanding and aware of my difficulty in relaxing.” –Evelyn C.

“I have some improvement with my tinnitus. There are more good days than bad days now. I can stand in the kitchen preparing food for longer periods without hurting. I am sleeping better as the sciatica is less painful. All in all I see improvement.” –Camille J.

“My first visit was a success. As soon as I left the office I could feel very little pain. On a scale from one to ten I felt like a two. I was sitting all afternoon without pain. Before, I was a seven.” –Jennie P.

“The service here is excellent. Dr. Holton helped me feel good with the physical therapy. He is very patient and has made very good progress with my shoulder and back pain.” – Akanksha J.

“Came in for an evaluation just to see if the pain in my neck and back could be relieved a little. It works! I’m standing taller, straighter, and feeling much better day to day! I love when my back cracks and I relax!”-Maria H.