More than 25 billion dollars is spent each year treating headaches and 250 million work days are lost. It’s a wonder that we keep pursuing the same old remedies. There has got to be a better way.

To start, a chiropractor’s primary concern will be finding the cause of your problem. When we know the cause, we can eliminate the problem. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t’ it? There are really 2 reasons that would make sense.

1. If you use a remedy to alleviate the symptoms of your headache, it will come back. Some people do that a few times a week for years. After swallowing thousands of pills, they still have headaches and it is a part of their life. Once you eliminate the cause of the headaches, life will start to feel a lot better.

2. The old remedies of medication all come with a list of side effects. While they may relieve a symptom temporarily, they do nothing to make you healthier and may actually make you less healthy. For instance, long term use of aspirin or ibuprofen often leave people with stomach problems. The solution? Another pill with another list of side effects. With chiropractic, we look for the cause of your problem that cause has been interfering with your health. By eliminating that interference, your symptom goes away and more importantly, your health improves.

There are many types of headaches and the causes can be quite varied. For instance, they can be either vascular or musculoskeletal. They could also be influenced by stress, tension, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, alcohol consumption, caffeine withdrawal, allergies, TMJ problems, pregnancy, vision problems, or they may even be caused by more serious conditions such as tumors or aneurysms in the brain. Considering the possible causes, it’s easy to see why a “one pill cures all” approach doesn’t put us on the path to health. It is better to find out where the problems are coming from, so we can make corrections to improve the overall situation.

Chiropractors understand that many headaches have their cause in the spine. In fact, a report released in 2001 by researchers at the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center in Durham, NC, found that spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck. In another study reported by the University of Maryland Medical Center, a review of several clinical trials indicated that spinal manipulation therapy may help treat migraine headaches. In one study of people with migraines, 22% of those who received chiropractic manipulation reported more than a 90% reduction of attacks. Also, 49% reported a significant reduction of the intensity of each migraine. For this reason, evaluation of the spine, particularly in the neck area is very important. Daily routine, dietary influences, and even seemingly simple factors such as water intake are factored in. At this point a chiropractor will discuss the approach that is recommended in your case. This may include chiropractic spinal manipulation, dietary changes, ergonomic and postural recommendations, any exercises that might be helpful and a plan for reducing stress. How long it takes to get you on a healthy course will depend on what factors are involved, how severe they are, and how long you have had the condition. Many patients who see a doctor for headaches have been suffering for years.

Knowing that you don’t have to live with headaches is a very welcoming thought. The first step is having a consultation with a chiropractor. There is a great benefit in knowing that chiropractors are the largest group of spine specialists offering an alternative to drugs and surgery for your problem. Having your first evaluation with a doctor who understands your problem and can start you quickly on the path back to health means a lot when you’re suffering. A chiropractor will also be able to recommend a well-rounded and balanced approach to restoring your health that will help you get better faster and stay better longer, allowing you to return quickly to those things you enjoy.

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