Your gentle chiropractor providing comfortable, effective chiropractic care for conditions such as: Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Sciatica Pain  Sports Injuries and Auto Injuries

Wellness Services such as: Physical Therapy, Massage, Weight Loss, Nutrition and Exercise.

New Patients are offered: New Patient Body Work Specials, Complimentary Consultations

Your Initial Visit

For most people, their first visit to see Dr. Holton is because they are in pain. Some people wait to see if their problem will go away by itself, then maybe they try some over the counter meds. Some have had an office visit with their medical doctor, but the pain is still there. So we always start with a consultation, when you can give us all the information about your problem.

Then Dr. Holton will perform an examination. This will include checking motion, strength, and a number of basic tests that will help us find out your current level of health and exactly what is wrong. If you already have x-rays, Dr. Holton will review them. And if you haven’t had them, we will discuss if they might be helpful. Even when x-rays or MRI’s have been read by other doctors, we will still review them. With advanced training in radiology, Dr. Holton often finds that personally reviewing films can help tailor a patient’s treatment program for better results on the road to health.After evaluating your problem, Dr. Holton will discuss with you:

  • Exactly what your problem is
  • If he can help you
  • How long it will take
  • How your insurance will help you.

At that point, we will begin a treatment program that we will continue on each future visit, that will help you achieve optimal health and benefits.