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When you’ve tried other methods to manage your joint pain, but you’ve still got pain, you still can’t get back to your normal routine, or maybe you just don’t like the medical options, then integrative healthcare may be the answer.

The pain relief experts at The Holton Center for Integrative Healthcare in Metuchen, New Jersey, can help you decide if integrative healthcare is for you. We’re here to help you with chronic knee pain, shoulder pain, arthritis and so much more. Schedule a consultation with us today – you’ll be glad you did.

What Is Integrative Healthcare in Metuchen?

Integrative healthcare uses tissue products so that your body can begin to heal itself. As a leader in integrative healthcare in Metuchen, The Holton Center for Integrative Healthcare uses Human Cellular Tissue Products which can start the healing process in your joints.

The growth factor, hyaluronic acid, mesenchymal stem cells, cytokines and exosomes can trigger a non-surgical repair of the joint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What joints can be treated?

The most common are knees and shoulders, but we also work on hips, elbows and ankles. We’ve even gotten amazing results on fingers and toes.

Will I feel results right away?

We use a variety of regenerative products. Some have more initial pain relief while others, like mesenchymal stem cells do less for pain in the beginning but provide progressive healing that continues for months. So by using a combination of products, we’re able to create pain relief quickly with an outstanding long term benefit.

How many treatments will I need?

At the time of your evaluation, we’ll discuss the best approach for you. For many people, this includes a regenerative product like mesenchymal stem cells with follow-up injections of PRP. The PRP is a cost-effective way to amplify the result of the stem cells.

Are there special recommendations after an injection?

You may go back to your daily routine immediately after an injection. Other recommendations on exercise, rest and supports will be given at the time of your injection.

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