Spring into Health

Spring is just around the corner. That means warm weather and the opportunity to get outside to enjoy your favorite activities. Maybe you like gardening, or swimming, or running along the beach—whatever your pleasure, there’s one problem we all face that should be taken care or, no matter your age or fitness level: inflammation.

As time goes on and our bodies age, we develop irritations that just won’t go away. Chronic aches and pains, especially in the knees and shoulders, are often due to inflammation. But what is it, really? In a few words, this when the body produces extra stress hormones and winds up attacking its own joints. This is the basis of arthritis, which affects more than forty million people in the U. S. alone.

Worrying about this is tough enough for most people, but athletes and people with demanding jobs have to be twice as cautious. Long-term activity can wear out the body, leading to tendonitis and long-term injuries—two other big problems related to inflammation.

Here at the Holton Chiropractic Center, we know how much of a hassle this issue can be, which is why we start every new patient with a Complementary Bodywork Sampler, and can schedule a follow-up nutritional checkup to further polish your wellness plan. By analyzing food sensitivities, discussing vitamin intake, and looking at your medical history, we get a comprehensive view of what makes each patient so unique. Then, we can take that information and design a health plan specific to the individual.

Everyone has their own needs, and that means the one-pill-fits-all practices of other doctors just isn’t going to cut it. As the patient, you deserve better than a shrug and a multivitamin. Our medical staff makes sure to listen to the patient and offer tailored advice, including, but not limited to, condition-specific supplements and dietary changes. If we see someone needs more Omega 3s, we know having fish for dinner twice a week is far better than getting a costly medication. Not a fan of fish? That’s okay—we can discuss getting Omega 3s from a capsule, or eating certain nuts and seeds, like Flaxseed, instead.

Today’s medical industry is alarming. Many professionals seem content to offer treatments instead of solutions. This practice makes sure people become ‘life-long patients,’ even if they could live an easy, pain-free life. This is unacceptable. Our staff knows this, and our patients know this. True healthcare is being free from illness, not free from symptoms.

When you get treated by a member of Holton Chiropractic, your health is in good hands. We make a daily commitment to helping our patients in every way, whether their aches are temporary, or they have been in pain for years. We welcome patients at all stages of their conditions, because we believe every problem is solvable. Be sure to stop by our office for your consultation—Spring is a time for rejuvenation, and it’s time to take your health back.

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