Five Foods to Avoid to Keep Fit and Healthy

Everyone wants to stay well, and keeping yourself in your best possible condition means filling up on the healthy foods. However, some healthy foods can actually be very bad for you. Here at Holton Chiropractic, we stand be our dietary recommendations, and research suggests you should avoid the following:


Not only are most cows fed with genetically modified foods and pumped full of hormones, but the pasteurization process removes a significant amount of nutrients from milk. This means your daily dairy is really just a big glass of hormonal imbalances. Top it off with the fact that, according to the national institute of health, 65 percent of adults lose the ability to digest dairy after infancy, and there’s no health benefit to typical milk. Raw milk, for those who can drink it, is far better for you, as is almond or coconut milk.

Store-Bought Juice

While tasty, anything more than a few ounces of fruit juice is fairly harmful. The pasteurization process strips away a lot of the nutrition, meaning you’d have to drink quite a bit to receive any health benefit. The problem is, they’re so sugary and high in calories that they lead to irregular blood sugars, weight gain, hunger pains later on (because the juice tricks you into feeling full, but only for a short while), and mood swings. Cold-pressed juices, vegetable-fruit blends, and simply eating fruit is a far better alternative.


This butter alternative is praised as a healthy food, but it’s made from trans fats, which clog arteries, cause heart disease, lead to extra fat deposits around the middle, type II diabetes, and many other issues. This should be obvious, since margarine was originally intended to help fatten up turkeys! It leads to all sorts of health problems, and can exacerbate others, so cutting this out of your diet is for the better. Just stick with the original option! Butter is full of vitamins A, E, and K2, which increase the amount of good cholesterols in the blood, as well as help us to function better overall. Those looking for a slightly healthier alternative can look for grass fed butter like Kerrygold or Anchor butter, or if you like the spreads, choose one with olive oil for the highest health benefit.


They may not raise your blood sugar, but these can still cause massive bodily issues. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to an increased insulin resistant and both forms of diabetes, as well as various forms of cancer, neurological issues, weight gain, and heightened allergies. This is because the chemicals in those sweeteners (including chlorine and formic acid, which is converted into formaldehyde inside the body) are harmful when ingested, leading to biochemical imbalances too extreme for your organs to process on their own.

Microwaved Popcorn

Typical microwaved popcorn is made from genetically modified ingredients, which have been linked to a wide array of issues, and the chemicals lining each bag have been linked to cancer. A seemingly innocent, low-calorie snack, regular popcorn can lead you down a road to profound illness. Our recommendation is to buy kernels and learn to pop your own, or buy pre-popped corn that you just open and eat.

Those were our recommendations. We stand by these foods, and are always looking for ways to improve health, so we like to share these ideas with our patients. We hope this article helps you make even better choices in the days to come.

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