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Chiropractic is a central component of any health and well being plan. While many patients come to us for neck pain, low back pain or car accidents, others come to stay healthy and enjoy increased energy and optimal performance.

For the past 30 years, folks in Metuchen and Edison looking for a hometown chiropractor have come to our office. Though the faces may have changed since our practice began in 1978, our dedication to quality care in a friendly environment has remained the same.

The secret to our long-term success is simple –¬†an experienced chiropractor, a well-trained staff, and genuine care and concern for our patients. From children just weeks or months old, to senior citizens well into their 90’s, from couch potatoes to athletes, folks in Metuchen and Edison rely on us for their health care needs.

Here are a few things that attract patients to our office:

We treat our patients like family, which means we really listen to your problems. It’s important for a doctor to take the time that you need to discuss your concerns.
With advanced training in orthopedics and radiology, Dr. Holton can pinpoint the cause of your problem and provide the most effective forms of treatment.
While the Dr. Holton and his staff provide the highest quality care in the office, our patients also learn how they can speed up the healing process at home, and how they can reach an even higher level of health.

Chiropractors and Patients working together for better healthcare!

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